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Testimonials from Clients

“I came to Ros, not quite understanding what I needed but I knew I needed something. I had lots of things I needed to work on and Ros helped me to look at the priorities of issues that I needed to tackle first, before I could get to the root of what I really needed to do which was lose weight.

Before tackling the weight issue, I needed to like myself. Ros gave me two sessions on confidence building and emotional healing.

These gave me a platform to tackle the real issue of weight.

I am shocked how much more confident I now am and how much more I like myself.

Since seeing Ros I haven’t felt the need to eat for emotional comfort in the evenings.

I am now looking forward to the next bit of my journey to tackle my issue of food addiction through hypnosis with Ros.

Thanks Ros

Watch this space!”

Mrs. W


“I went to see Roz for some help with compulsive eating. I had bowel cancer 5 years ago and have found that I cannot tolerate certain foods and drinks since my surgery and treatment. I found that if I ate chocolate, cream, ice cream anything high in sugar, and drank alcohol I would suffer with diarrhoea as my system just could not cope with these things anymore. I gave up alcohol with no problem but found that I still binged on the other items even though I knew they would make me ill. After just one session with Roz I have cut out cream and ice cream and have only had a bit of chocolate. I actually bought my favourite chocolate bar a couple of days ago and threw it away after a couple of bites as I didn’t like the taste anymore! The thought to buy myself a ‘treat’ still comes into my head now and then but I either resist it or leave the shop and realise I’ve forgotten to buy it! I really enjoyed the session with Roz, it was very powerful and very relaxing. Thank you Roz!”

S. O'Neill


“Ros gave me a session of hypnosis for confidence building before an important interview. It was a very pleasant and relaxing experience. It was then the best interview I’ve ever had and I got the job! Thank you Ros”

J. Faulkes


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