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Would you like to increase your self confidence?

Hypnotherapy for Confidence with Rosamond Lloyd

Having high levels of self-confidence can have huge benefits for all areas of an individual’s life (including relationships, career, social life and state of mind) and many people who lack self-confidence aspire to be more confident.

The good news is that self-confidence is a skill that can be developed.

The first step is to acknowledge the current level of self-confidence and the cause of low self-confidence, and then find ways to build upon this until confidence becomes a deeply ingrained quality.

How confidence developed throughout an individual’s early life and genetics are both thought to influence the current level of confidence an individual has.

However this level can often be changed as everyone has the ability and skills to enhance their self-confidence.

It is often the case that individual’s are simply unsure of how to use these skills to achieve an increased level of self-confidence, and need to be shown how.

Would you like to?

  • Like yourself and feel able to laugh at yourself
  • Feel relaxed and confident without being overbearing
  • Feel able to accept constructive criticism
  • Be able to forgive mistakes made by yourself or others
  • Have a balanced and positive approach in a wide variety of situations
  • Feel motivated, with a clear sense of direction
  • Feel secure and not worry about what others think

How can I help?

Confidence through Hypnotherapy DaisyGreat news!!!

Hypnotherapy has  high success rates for helping those suffering from low self-confidence.

Through hypnotherapy I will seek to determine the root cause of your low self-confidence and then find ways to resolve it.

Hypnosis can reach the unconscious mind and modify belief systems, and replace negative thought patterns with positive ones.

This can boost self-confidence and completely change your life.

I work in a private therapy setting in Kingswinford but also see clients from Stourbridge, Hagley, Dudley, Kinver Wolverhampton and elsewhere in the West Midlands.

I provide a comfortable, calm and relaxed environment where you can be assured of a safe, caring and confidential experience.

I will be focusing on your success and supporting you every step of the way.

What the mind can conceive and believe and the heart desire, you can achieve – Norman Vincent Peale.

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